CABINET SPECIFICATIONS

  All of our cabinets are made from solid 3/4" thick high density polyethylene (HDPE). Our cabinets are CNC machined for exact tolerances within one half millimeter. They are constructed using 8 x 35mm nylon dowels and 1-5/8 stainless steel screws. They have 3/4" thick solid backs and are completely squared at our factory. The hinges are high grade stainless steel with a 3 way adjustment.

  Base cabinets have a 30" cabinet box that sits on adjustable leg levelers. This allows the cabinet to be leveled on sloped exterior surfaces. The leg levelers can then be wrapped with toe-kick for a finished product. The standard base cabinet depth is 24-1/2 including the doors and 27-3/4 for grill cabinets including the doors. The drawers are made of the same 3/4" thick HDPE material, with a high quality stainless steel full extension drawer slide. Base cabinets have a full depth adjustable shelf when applicable. 

  Wall cabinets are 13-1/2" deep including the door(s). Wall cabinets that are 24" high have 1 adjustable shelf. Wall cabinets that are 30" to 36" high have 2 adjustable shelves. Wall cabinets that are 42" high have 3 adjustable shelves.

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