HDPE Polymer is a 3/4” thick boat board, that is ideal for outdoor cabinetry construction. It is UV and weather resistant. It was designed specifically for outdoor applications, and will withstand sun, rain, snow, saltwater and extreme temperatures. It has a durable, easy to clean finish that does not absorb moisture, and will not DE-laminate. It resists corrosion and staining and is FDA approved for food contact.

                                        Polymer Door Styles:

       Azalea        Biscayne           Egret               Gulf            Hibiscus


         Ibis            Magnolia         Osprey            Palm         Sandpiper


Cabinet and Door Colors : Colors are for reference only, contact us to order free color samples.

        Black                  Charcoal               Everglade               Mercury



         Java                Polar White         Sandshade           Seafoam


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